Member of the U.S.A. Fencing Organization

    Out of Nowhere Fencing, LLC boasts members in the Virginia Division,  USFA and Maryland
    Division, USFA.

    Students compete in regional competitions, Junior Olympics and USA Fencing National

    Coach David Copeland is a registered coach and lifetime professional member with USA
    Fencing and has an established reputation for excellence in teaching fencing in the area, for
    over 20 years now.

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    Beginner and Advanced Fencing Classes... Want to be a swordsman? If you live in the areas
    of Winchester, Virginia; Purcellville, VA; Berryville, VA; Lovettsville, VA, Leesburg, VA;  Frederick,
    Maryland; Brunswick, MD; Boonsboro, MD; Martinsburg and Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, there
    are classes within about a thirty minute drive of your location.
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The Original Extreme Sport!

It works the body and mind!

One of only four sports
that have been featured in
every modern Olympic Games,
beginning in the year, 1896.

Fencing calls for adaptability,
inventiveness, good organization,
and patience.
Fencing Camps and Classes are
scheduled for this summer.
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    Fencing is one of the few sports where the entire family can participate year-round
    indoors, without contending with outdoor temperatures/ extreme weather.  One can
    fence rain or shine.

    Out of Nowhere Fencing, LLC offers fencing FIVE evenings a week in the Tri-State area.
    Whether you fence for exercise and fitness or thrive on high competition,  fencing is
    an excellent sport that will exceed your expectations!  There is a reason why it is
    one of the fastest growing sports in America. We invite you to sign up for classes and see.


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