Beginner and Advanced Fencing Classes in Maryland, West Virginia and Virginia


Professional Instruction in Foil Fencing FOR AGES 6 - 8

6 Week Courses Available in Harpers Ferry Only.

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Improve your child's balance, reflexes and speed.

Your child's development in the elite Sport of Fencing starts here.

A fencer's foundation begins with understanding and mastering basic fencing concepts. Children from the ages of 6 through 8 are still mastering balance, coordination and refining fine motor skills.

This 40 minute class, held once per week, is designed to prepare your child to enter the sport of fencing with proper muscle development and speed needed to succeed in this sport, in a safe environment with age appropriate instruction.

Given the age group, there are no fencing bouts in this particular class. Students will use our foil swords... with blade work sword drills but no actual bouting. There will be fencing footwork to help condition the muscles to become acclimated to all the movements in fencing. Your child will learn to think and move as a fencer, while having fun!

Harpers Ferry, West Virginia Class

Preparatory Youth Fencing Level 1:

1. Muscle conditioning of arms and legs

2. Proper fencing form

3. Blade work drills with Coach Copeland in foil

4. Group footwork drills

Class Details: Tuesdays: IN THE FALL OF 2022

Time: 5:10pm - 5:50pm

Cost: $125

Duration : 6 Weeks

Materials Fee: $30.00

Location: Harpers Ferry, WV

Due to limited spaces, early pre-registration will be required for this class.

Contact us to register at:

(With your inquiry, please include your child's age, location, and how you found out about our classes.)

This 6 week class is specially designed to meet the needs of this age group in preparation for joining our Youth Foil fencing group.